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How to Change Folder Color on Mac?

The Mac enjoys significant popularity among users in the market due to its highly secure and clean operating system. However, this security can limit customization options for users. Today, we’re addressing a common concern: changing the color of the Folder Icon and customizing folder icons on Mac.

As many Mac users are aware, the default color for folders is a standard blue shade, which can be inconvenient when dealing with multiple nested sub-folders. This uniform appearance can lead to confusion.

To address this issue, a practical solution is to categorize folders using different colors and apply additional styling customization. Additionally, assigning unique folder icons based on folder names can enhance organization. This article outlines three methods to change folder colors, providing a step-by-step guide to assist you. By following these methods, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on research. Stick with us until the end of this guide to discover how to make your folder icons visually appealing with eye-catching colors.

How to Change Folder Colour on Mac?

Altering the color of a folder on a Mac right from the beginning poses a challenge for users. Many believe it’s impossible, assuming that Apple doesn’t provide such customization options. However, that’s not accurate. Relying on third-party apps isn’t your only choice. Users can utilize the built-in Preview method to change the folder color. Admittedly, this process is a bit lengthy, and new users may find it complex.

Below is the Step-by-step guide to changing your Folder color on your Mac system:

  • Firstly, Select and Right-Click the Folder to which you want to apply customization or add color to the folder.
  • Next, select the “Get Info” from the listing.
  • As soon as the Info window gets open, Select the folder icon From the left side panel.
  • Now press on “Cmd + C” which will copy your Folder.

(Another Alternative way to copy the folder is by clicking on the Edit button first in the menu bar on the top side of the panel, and then clicking on “Copy” from there.

  • Now Open the “Preview App” by following the Folder of the Application OR Even you can Run the application by launchpad on the Dock.
  • Once it Opens, Go to the “File”. It will be the first option on the top menu.
  • Next, Click on the “New from Clipboard”.
  • A new window will open with the image of the Folder icon, Then Go to the “Markup tool” option (It has the shape of the tip of a pencil).
  • Next, Go to the “Adjust Colour Icon”.
  • Now it will open the color editor and customize the colors, exposures, and other related by using the slider option.
  • Once you finished with the customization and Coloring for your Folder, select it and Click “CMD + C” which will copy it.
  • Again Go to the Folder Info panel where we started. If you close that window, just right-click and Go to the Info the same as before for the Folder you want to customize.
  • Lastly, Click on the Folder Info panel and enter “CMD + V” Which will paste the customized folder you created just before.
  • At last, just close the folder and you can notice the new color is added to your selected folder.

So by Following the above steps you can easily change the color of the Folder Icon and you don’t even need to install any other Third party application to achieve so.

How to Change Folder Icon on Mac?

Changing the folder icon can be a simple yet effective solution. This is particularly relevant on Mac, where all folders share the same default icon. This uniformity can be confusing in certain situations. Therefore, opting for a personalized folder icon of your choice can be beneficial. Not only does it alleviate confusion, but it also improves the overall user experience in handling folders.

So To change the Icon of your preference for the Folder, you can follow our below guide:

  • The very first download is the Choice of Icon you want to apply for, you can download it online from anywhere and Then Copy that image.

Note: As we all know Apple is much more concerned about its security concerns, So it won’t accept all image formats, it is advisable to go for PNG Files Since they are mostly acceptable.

  • Create a new folder as per your requirement, by Right-Clicking and selecting “New Folder” on blank space.
  • Now Open the “Preview app” by using the application folder and Paste the Downloaded Image there which we already selected earlier.
  • Next, Enter the “CMD + A” that will select the whole Folder Icon and Then Copy it by “CMD + C”.
  • Now again go back to the Folder you created, Right Click on it, and Go to “Get Info”.
  • Lastly, Click on the Icon folder to select it, and then Enter the “CMD + V” which will paste the modified and newly downloaded Icon that you had copied from the Preview App.

So this way you can customize and upload as much as the new icon for your Folder box.

How to Colour Code Your Folders on Mac Using Tags?

The method we discussed earlier for changing the color of the Folder icon can be somewhat useful. However, when dealing with numerous folders, applying colors using that method becomes time-consuming and can be frustrating as you switch between tabs for each edit.

The optimal solution to streamline this process is to utilize the Tags feature and apply predefined color codes. These color circles are located just below the Folder name. The significant advantage of employing this approach is its efficiency, particularly when filtering or searching for folders based on these Tags.

  • Go to the Folder, to which you want to apply the color Tag.
  • Next, Right click on the selected Folder and Choose the Default Tag icon which is next to the Folder name.

Alternatively, You can also create a new Tag according to your customization and other Choices of your name. Check the below steps we have mentioned to do so:

  • Go to the Folder, to which you want to apply the color Tag.
  • Select the tag by right-clicking on it.
  • Next, Add the custom name and color according to your preferences.
  • Lastly, Click on the “Create new Tag”, and click on the enter button to apply the changes.

We can state that this is the best solution to add color to your folders if you need to handle multiple folders at once. It always enhances the organization of your folders, making them more refined and sorted. This, in turn, simplifies your task of filtering out the folders.

Can I change my folder colour by using Third party Apps?

Yes, it’s evident that you can utilize a third-party application to modify the color of a folder, even though these applications are specifically designed for that purpose. Such applications offer additional capabilities that surpass what built-in features can achieve. Consequently, these third-party applications provide you with greater flexibility in customizing your folder icons and related elements.

Third-party app suggestions:

  1. Folder Color

One of the most popular applications available in the market and pops up in everyone’s head when you are looking to change the colors of your Mac folder is the Folder Color Application.

In Talk with the Features, Folder Color offers HEX color codes for Advanced Color Customization, it supports 16 million colors to select from. These work seamlessly and do not even affect any other functionality or other applications.

  1. Folder Colorizer:

Another tool that is recommended for changing colors in our file listing is the Folder Colorizer. This application enables users to easily change the folder color using drag-and-drop features. Going beyond, the Folder Colorizer also provides the option to add emojis and set any background picture, making it a visually appealing feature.

  1. Color Folder Master:

This is again one of the helpful applications that come with a user-friendly interface and allows you to change the coloring in just one click features.

And most notably it is quite budget-friendly compared to other competitors, it will only cost you about $1.99.

  1. Folder Icons:

Our final suggestion for Mac users looking to alter folder colors is Folder Icons. This application not only modifies colors but also provides the option to include distinctive textures, a feature not found in other applications. Although it is pricier than alternatives, it comes with advanced features.

Change Folder Color on Mac – FAQs

1.How do I change folder icons on Mac?

Ans: It is much easier than you think, just follow these steps:
* Download the Icon and copy the File.
* Go to the Folder right-click on it and next click on “get info”.
* Select the Folder icon and then enter “CMD + V”  to paste the copied file.
So these ways you can apply any web-downloaded icon of your choice and replace the default one.

2. How do I change the color of a folder using Finder tags?

Ans: The Finder Tags feature is quite handy when you’re managing multiple folders and want to assign personalized colors. Follow the steps below:
* Choose the folder you wish to customize and right-click on it.
* You’ll see the default “tags” next to the folder name; choose your preferred tag.
* If you like, you can personalize tags with your name and choose different colors

3. What third-party apps can I use to change folder colors on a Mac?

Ans: There are several third-party applications specifically created for this purpose. Examples include Folder Colorizer, Folder Maker, and the widely popular Rainbow Folder. These applications are designed with extensive capabilities to customize folder colors and add the additional styling you desire.

4. Can changing folder colors affect the system or other applications?

Ans: It has been noticed that altering the colors of folders through a Third-Party application does not affect the performance of other applications. However, it is advisable to employ a Trusted application and adhere to proper instructions to prevent any potential errors.

5. Will the folder color changes be visible on other Macs or devices?

Ans: When you use a third-party application to modify the colors of folders, the changes are typically confined to the system where the application is implemented. This implies that if you transfer or share folders to another Mac, these alterations won’t be visible unless the third-party application is also installed on that particular device.


At the conclusion of this guide, we can say that we’ve explored three methods for altering the color of the Mac Folder Icon. The initial approach involves utilizing the Preview App, an inherent feature of Mac that neglects the need for third-party applications. However, it is a time-consuming process, potentially causing frustration for new Mac users due to its extended duration. Nevertheless, you can seamlessly change colors through this method.

Another technique involves depending on default tags, proving beneficial when customizing multiple folders simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for filtering folders based on these tags.

Lastly, we discussed a method utilizing third-party applications that offer more extensive capabilities than the built-in features. With these applications, you can incorporate emojis and craft unique textures—customizations not feasible with the inherent features. Keep in mind that these applications often come with a price tag, making it a matter of personal preference. We trust that we’ve addressed all aspects related to changing colors and customizing your folder icon on your Mac system.

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